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The following lists include copies of my certificates. It's allowable to use these copies as part of technical offers for consulting / training bids, along with my CV, after notifying me to get my consent.


Academic Certificates:
bulletBSc Computer Science [certificate]
bulletMSc Computer Science [certificate]
bulletCertificate of Recognition for MSc degree, graduation ceremony of 2007-2008, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University [certificate]
bulletExecutive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
[certificate (EN) | certificate (AR) | transcript (EN) | transcript (AR)]

Professional Certificates:
bulletProject Management Professional (PMP) [certificate]
bulletITIL Foundation [certificate]
bulletCMMI-DEV [certificate]
bulletCMMI-SVC [certificate]
bulletOPM3 Consultant [certificate | entrance exam result | final exam result]
bulletTOGAF 9 [certificate | transcript | badge]
bulletSix Sigma Green Belt [certificate]
bulletScrum Fundamentals Certified (SFC) [certificate]
bulletApplied Data Science [unit I badge | unit II badge]

Business Certificates:
bulletIntroduction to Mediation [certificate]
bulletAWS TCO and Cloud Economics - Certificate of Completion [certificate]
bulletAWS Foundations - Business - Certificate of Completion [certificate]
bulletAWS Technical Essentials - Certificate of Completion [certificate]
bulletAWS Migration - Technical - Certificate of Completion [certificate]
bulletAWS Migration - Business - Certificate of Completion [certificate]

Language Certificates:
bulletTOEFL [transcript]
bulletJLPT (Japanese Language Level 3) [certificate]
bulletFoundation Certificate in Translation and Interpreting [certificate | transcript]
bulletMembership Certificate in the International Union of Languages and Translation [certificate]


bulletPMI Global Congress Speaker [certificate]
bulletICICT Conference Speaker [certificate]
bulletIPMA Congress Speaker [certificate]
bulletMEET ICT Conference Speaker [certificate]
bulletAttending 3rd Gulf Business Women Forum, by Federation of GCC Chambers [certificate]
bulletSpeaking at SMEs conference, by Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) and Yarmouk University [certificate]
bulletSpeaking at ICT in Our Lives conference, Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University [certificate]
bulletRecognition Trophy, Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University [trophy]
bulletAcknowledgment in DPhil thesis based on OPM3 consultation engagement, Switserland [Acknowlegment]
bulletSpeaking at Fourth Edition of the Pan-African Project Management Conference, Cameroon [certificate]

bulletRead customer testimonials [read]
bulletReviews on Goodreads Author Page [reviews]
bulletCitations on Google Scholar Profile Page [citations]


bulletPublished paper referenced in the curriculum of Master in Project Management program in the Faculty of Business Administration in The Open University of Tanzania, Strategic Human Resource Management module, 2012 curriculum and onwards. [reference]
bulletMaster's thesis referenced in the IJCA (International Journal of Computer Applications) proceedings on International Conference in Computational Intelligence (ICCIA2012), March 2012, published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA. [reference]
bulletPublished paper referenced in a research project for Master's degree in Business Administration at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, November 2013. [reference]
bulletPublished paper referenced in a research project for Master's degree in Engineering Management at the University of Kansas, USA, November 2013. [reference]
bulletPublished article referenced in proceedings of the International Conference on Technology and Business Management, Dubai, March 2014, within paper titled 'Functioning of Companies on Regulated and Changeable Market' under the "Strategy" category. [reference]
bulletPublished paper referenced in thesis of Master in Project Management, from Faculty of Administration, EAFIT university, Colombia, 2015. [reference]
bulletPublished paper referenced in an article published on LinkedIn, titled "Do I need Project Management skills as an HR professional?", by HR Consulting Nigeria, March 2016. [reference]
bulletPublished paper referenced in a paper titled "Reviewing Application of the Project Management Office in Construction Sector", published in IJESRT (International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology), September 2016. [reference]
bulletPublished paper referenced in book titled "Project Feasibility: Tools for Uncovering Points of Vulnerability", by Oliver Mesly, CRC Press, Jun. 2017. [reference]
bulletPublished paper referenced in book titled "Project Management Office", by Oliver Mesly, CRC Press, Jul. 2019. [reference]

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