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I am one of the Muslims




Welcome to

Personal Website for Rania Al-Maghraby

Peace be upon you




The top is narrow, and the few who are able to reach it are the few who are willing to take the less traveled path.

(a say of mine)
arabic proverb



Please note that I don't have, and never had, any profiles or pages on any of the social media websites. I receive connect invitations and friend requests almost on a daily basis. I apologize for not being able to accept these invitations. I declare that it's not out of ignorance, I'm simply not there. To keep in touch, please make sure your email is revealed in the invitation. Note: Facebook auto-created this page for me because of repetitive searches. This page doesn't belong to me.





Merit is for nobody but people of knowledge

                              They are guides to those who seek guidance

The value of each man is what he excels at

                              And ignorant people to people of knowledge are foes

Win knowledge with which to remain alive forever

                              People are to die, while people of knowledge are alive

Arabic poetry




Some goodies to share (updated irregularly)

This is the analogy I heard from the teacher at one of the sessions I attended in Masjid:

Keeping ourselves and our minds occupied by lifetime matters and devoting all of our attention to it at the expense of working for our hereafter is like someone who received a payment check with the amount of 1 million, and while the check is placed on his desk, he got caught with his daily cumborsomes, and while preparing a list of grocery items to buy, he picked a piece of paper and started listing: milk, cheese, bread, eggs, ... etc, to eventually find that this piece of paper is nothing but the 1 million check he received. You lose much bigger reward by being dumped down in the short sighted view of limited lifetime.




We don't recognize something called state of Israel. Consequently, we don't recognize anything beyond this point, and anything means just anything. It's all one big myth, and it's all just continuation on the myth, regardless of the specifics of anything done. It doesn't deserve any more words than that, it all boils down to the first issue, not consequences. Go back to the first issue.


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